A little of Paris in the heart of Miami...








Claude Postel & Cory Finot.


About Claude:

Renowned Restaurateur, Chocolatier, Chef & Entrepreneur Claude Postel has more 40 years culinary arts experience as well as a proven record of international success and peer recognition. He is frequently cited in trade magazines as well as in tourist guides in the US, Canada, Europe, China, Mexico and Bermuda, for gastronomical expertise. 


The French-born Postel is a self-acclaimed “foodie” who, at age 15 abandoned traditional school so he could follow familial footsteps.  He looks back on that decision as pivotal in his 35+ years career, having paved the way for international awards, peer recognition and a number of successful restaurants.


Postel comes from a long line of food enthusiasts.  In fact, his family’s foray into the food business dates back seven generations.  That innate love for earned Postel many prestigious awards, including being the youngest person to receive the coveted Michelin Star in his native Paris.


He has long since cemented his reputation as a Chef of Distinction, earning international accolades.  Eventually Postel moved to Canada where he quickly garnered the praise of his peers with his first venture, Le Bonaparte.  With a keen eye for business, Postel parlayed the success of Le Bonaparte into a multi-city restaurant business, which grew to include a fine chocolate division, supplying products to some of Canada’s finest hotels including Toronto’s Royal York Health, Montreal’s Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons hotels as well as to several in New York City hotels.  


He’s represented Canada at international gastronomic showcases, including at the European Week of Gastronomy in Madrid, Spain where Canada was the only non-European country to participate.  He was also one of only four chefs invited by Gourmet Magazine and Quebec’s Ministry of Tourism to help promote Montreal Gastronomy in New York.